BASC Bisley Range Days October 2020 ***FULLY BOOKED***

Date: 24/10/2020 Time: 9:30am - 4:00pm
Bisley Shooting Ground
Bisley, Bisley, Surrey, GU24 0NY

Category: Range Days

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BASC will be running a series of Range Days at Bisley during 2020

Saturday 24th October

Participants will have the opportunity to shoot both static targets and running boar/running deer targets with .22 rimfire and centrefire rifles, over the course of the day.

BSRC Ranges available – All firing points are covered

  • 100m Running Deer range – electronically scored
  • Two 50m Running Boar ranges – electronically scored
  • 100m static range – electronic or manual scoring
  • 10m indoor Running Target Range – electronically
  • Stalkers test – electronically scored* The Stalkers Test requires the shooter to fire two shots from the prone position; two shots sitting; two shots kneeling; two shots standing and the final two from a bench simulating the position of a high­ seat.

BASC arranges range days at the British Sporting Rifle Club for BASC members to zero and practice. Eligibility is as follows;

◾You must be a member of BASC.

◾You must hold a current valid firearm certificate for the firearms you wish to use.

◾You must have a Safety Certification card (SCC)


If you are a member of another NRA affiliated rifle club, we strongly recommend that you obtain your safety certification card via them, as your primary club. This can be presented at BASC Range Days and will be accepted if you have certification for telescope sighted rifle, iron sighted rifle and gallery rifle / carbine.

BASC rifle club issues safety certification (SCC) cards for the purposes of BASC range days only, there validity or acceptance by other rifle clubs is not guaranteed. BASC Rifle Club conducts the assessments during range days, but from 2019 onwards, all cards will be issued by the NRA. Anyone not in possession of a current valid card will be required to sit assessment at a BASC range day before they can use the ranges. Assessment will offer certification for telescope sighted rifle, iron sighted rifle and gallery rifle / carbine only and will carry a range limit of a maximum of 200 meters. If you require a SCC card, this will be chargeable at £15 per year. The card will be valid for 12 months. You MUST send a passport style photograph in .jpg format with this application in order to receive your SCC Card (this can be taken with a smartphone or digital camera and emailed with this application).

The cost for each day is £40 plus an additional £15 if you do not possess a valid SCC Card. Due to increased demand we are unable to offer discounts for multi bookings.

These days are very popular and spaces are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment. Please return  Range Day Booking Form 2020 completed to a minimum of 15 working days prior to the range day. Your booking is not confirmed until fully completed forms are received and full payment is made.

For full information please click here and if you still have any questions please email the

Due to the outbreak of COVID 19 event dates may need to change. We will review all events on a daily basis and be led by government advice. Please still contact us to register your interest in the above event, we will add you to the booking list and keep you informed

Please do not attend this event if doing so is in breach of local coronavirus restrictions in your area of residence.