Clays to Game

Date: 01/10/2022 Time: 9:00am - 5:30pm
glemham hall
little glemham, woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 OBT

Category: Shooting

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Have you ever wanted to try game shooting? but unsure of where to start ?

We can help!

Join us on where we will teach you all about what to expect on the day : We will cover

Best practice

Quarry recognition,

How to dress, how not to dress!.

How to hold your gun, loading your gun, gun safety

What bird is yours ?

How to tip at the end of a good day.

How to select the right cartridge and choke

The use of gundogs,

What do beaters do? what about the gamekeeper?

We will then go out and have a look at the shoot, the drives, the crops and the pens

Come back to the shoot room for some food

We will then go on to start the simulated shooting there will be over 2000 clays over 3 drives

On one of the drives, you will be supplied with a box of sustainable ammunition suitable for your gun

We will then finish with a light-hearted quiz, hand out goody bags and prizes before departing

You will now be ready for any game shoot!

Cost: £125 per BASC member

For further details or to book email